You don't have to be flexible to practice yoga...

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Yoga benefits

Is it ‘just another form of exercise’ in which you bend, twist and stretch your muscles to get the best out of the postures?

Yoga is much more than this; it is not only an exercise for your body, it is also a relaxing treat to your mind. It is a wonderful exercise that allows you to enjoy several benefits.

  • Yoga allows you to relax your muscles: The good thing about Yoga is that it relaxes each and every muscle of your body.
  • Performing Yoga postures (asanas) is like giving strength to each part of your body: You gain a lot of strength and improve internal stamina, with the help of Yoga. 
  • Meditation is a part of Yoga: If you want to improve your mind and achieve the state of mindfulness, it is useful to use Yoga to do this.
  • This exercise helps in reducing physical pain. Some of the Yoga Asanas are created to decrease back as well as neck pain.

  • It allows you to reduce stress: If you are undergoing a lot of stress, Yoga is an exercise that can help you get back to the 'normal self'.
  • Your internal stamina is boosted when you perform different breathing exercises in Yoga.

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