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Hatha Yoga, Keynsham
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 Fun, friendly classes, helping to reduce your back pain, symptoms and inflammation.

Pilates & Yoga for back and core strength

Do you want to find relief from back pain without medication? Try Yoga & Pilates for backs suitable for individuals with herniated discs and beginners wanting to reduce back, shoulder and neck pain and improve core stability. 

Improvers Yoga  

Relax, calm and create a sense of balance with this Improvers Yoga class. Suitable for those with 6 months experience, those that exercise regularly & individuals interested in meditation 

Beginners Yoga for the Inflexible

Relax, calm and create a sense of balance with this beginners yoga class. Learn the poses whilst reducing stress and anxiety.  We won't ask you to look like a pretzel. Suitable for beginners. We finish with a deep relaxation so you can drift off soundly to sleep.

Family yoga - Sunday

A place to spend quality time together, meet other like minded people. No mobile phones, no iPads or TV, no other duties…

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